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While breast size and shape are largely determined by genetics, it’s also true that most women’s breasts stop growing before they reach their full potential. This can affect not only size but shape and firmness. Many things could cause this lack of development, but the two most commonly cited factors are a diet that lacks critical nutrients and excessive dieting as a teenager, which can reduce hormonal levels. Authentic breast enhancement products work by providing the right nutrients to not only enlarge breasts but make them more full and firm.

In our research, we have found five natural solutions that stand out.. Looking at safer, more natural ways to enlarge breasts, we have found that many of the pills and creams available produce no results at all, and others only cause breasts to swell temporarily due to water retention. But we were very happy to find that some products did work, and we’ll describe the top four for you below.


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natural breasts

natural breasts

Our first choice is Perfect Woman Breast Enlargement Cream, which is a blend of mastogenic herbs and plant extracts or phyto-nutrients that stimulates cell growth in the mammary glands. Because it is a cream as opposed to a pill, its ingredients do not have to pass through the digestive system and go through the body to reach the breasts. Instead these ingredients are delivered with full potency directly to the mammary glands through the skin, regenerating the growth process experienced during pregnancy and puberty.

We received the most positive responses to this product. A high percentage of women were delighted with the results, citing not only increased breast size but improved tone, shape, and firmness. We also heard from some women who said the product didn’t work for them. This happens with any herbal remedy because people have different body chemistries. Perfect Woman Breast Enlargement Cream comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee, so it’s certainly a wise first choice before turning to surgery or throwing in the towel.


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natural breasts

Our second overall choice (and first for Breast Enlargement Pills) is RevitaBust. Its an all-natural herbal supplement that features a new active ingredient called Pueraria Mirifica. This rare plant, only found in the northern regions of Thailand, is considered to be the most powerful Phyto-Estrogenic plant on Earth and appears to be the most effective as a pill for Breast Enlargement. RevitaBust is the ONLY natural breast enlargement pill in the United States featuring this breakthrough active ingredient.

The comments that we are getting from this relatively new product are extremely positive, with many reporting very successful cup size gains. 

 RevitaBust comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee so you can try it without risk.




Our fourth choice for Breast Enlargement Pills is Bust Fuel. It is an all natural breast enhancement supplement formulated to naturally increase the size, shape and firmness of female breasts. It is specially manufactured with over thirteen unique herbs to assist in the development and natural breast enhancement of a woman's breasts. There were many favorable comments for the effectiveness of Bust Fuel and we recommend the product.



For women who want to Tighten, Tone and Firm their bustline we highly recommend BustFirm™ from Perfect Woman.  It is a topical lotion that is cosmeceutically developed using a proprietary Advanced Peptite Technology™ and is designed to penetrate deep into the breast tissues to start the breast enhancement process. This Toning & Firming Complex is a soothing, pleasantly scented lotion that will also rejuvenate the skin and increase its glow and vitality.

BustFirm™ comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee so you can try it without risk. 


natural breasts

If you’re not happy with your breasts, you aren’t alone. A recent Grazia magazine survey reported by the BBC found that 65% of the women in the study were not satisfied with their breasts. They wanted larger, fuller, firmer, more shapely breasts. We suspect a large number of them would want to do something about it if they could only find a safe and effective remedy.

natural breastsnatural breasts

Although implants have produced good results for many women, they carry the risks involved with any surgery, as well as the possibility of scars, physical reactions to the implants, and a loss of sensitivity. Often the results don’t look natural, and some women are not at all happy. They may even have to go through a second round of surgery. Finally, there’s the cost. Breast implants are expensive!

natural breasts

natural breasts We are constantly researching natural breast enhancement products, and we hope we can add to our list of recommendations in the future.

We get our results primarily from feedback from women who use the product and from online surveys. We are always getting emails from women telling us what was effective and what wasn’t.

Your feedback is also valuable, so if you have tried any products, we’d like to hear from you. You can email us here with your comments.